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Great news! Soon Indonesian driver’s licenses can be used in ASEAN countries.

Good news for Indonesian Driver’s License holders. Starting on June 1, 2025, Indonesian driver’s licenses will be accepted in ASEAN countries. So, if you love to travel to ASEAN countries and hope to drive there too, this is great news for you!

Normally you will need to secure an International driver’s license on top of the local driver’s license before you are allowed to drive in an ASEAN country, Apparently, this will not be the case soon.  This information was shared through the social media account of the Jakarta Metro Police’s Traffic Management Center (TMC), which received a positive response from the public.

Indonesian driver’s licenses will be allowed in the following ASEAN countries.

The ASEAN countries that accept Indonesian driving licenses are:

  • Brunei
  • The Philippines
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Laos
  • Myanmar
  • Singapore (Only valid for 12 months from arrival)
  • Malaysia (Must have both a valid international driving license and an Indonesian driving license)

Apart from ASEAN countries, Indonesian driver’s licenses can be used too in most parts of America. You can enjoy long road drives by just bringing your local driver’s license. Just check the website to see if it’s accepted to the state you plan to drive.

Once enforced, Indonesian drivers will save a lot of time and expenses as there will be no need to apply international driver’s license. It will be an additional convenience for tourists or frequent travelers. This also shows strong commitment, cooperation, and harmony amongst ASEAN countries in supporting the transportation sector.

Kudos to ASEAN countries!

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