Popular Digital Wallets

Getting to know the top digital wallets in Indonesia

In this digital era, digital wallets or e-wallets have become part important in Indonesian society. The convenience and speed offered by digital wallets are increasing in popularity for various financial transactions like payment bills or online purchases.

Listed below are the most popular digital wallets in Indonesia.

Popular Digital Wallets


GoPay is one of the most popular digital wallets in Indonesia. Developed by Gojek, the service was initially used for payment services in the application Gojek like transportation, orders between food, and service others. Over time, GoPay has developed and now can used for payments at various online and offline merchants, money transfers, as well purchase credit and data packages.

Advantages of GoPay:

  • Integrated with various services Gojek.
  • Attractive promos and cashback.
  • Used for payments at many merchants.

How to use GoPay :

  • Download the application Gojek.
  • Register account and add it balance GoPay.
  • Choose the service or the merchant who accepts its payment GoPay and do it transaction.


OVO is a digital wallet developed by Lippo Group and has become one of the leading e-wallets in Indonesia. OVO is used for payments at various merchants, including shops, retail, and restaurants, and also for online purchases. Apart from that, OVO also offers feature investment via OVO Invest.

Advantages of OVO:

  • Lots of collaboration with big merchants.
  • Offers a loyalty program with OVO Points.
  • Attractive investment features.​

How to Use OVO:

  • Download the OVO application.
  • Register your account and add your OVO balance.
  • Use OVO to pay at collaborating merchants or for service others.


Dana is a digital wallet that offers convenience in doing non-cash transactions. Service This is supported by several companies such as Ant Financial (Alibaba Group). Dana offers various features like payment bills, purchases credit, money transfers, and payments at offline and online merchants.

Advantages of Dana:

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Support payment For Lots service.
  • Advanced security features.​

How to Use Dana:

  • Download the Dana application.
  • Register the account and add it Fund balance.
  • Do transactions with select Funds as a method of payment.


LinkAja is a digital wallet that results in cooperation from various state-owned companies in Indonesia. LinkAja offers services like payment bills, money transfers, purchases credit, and payments at collaborating merchants. LinkAja also has its feature payment transportation general like TransJakarta and KRL.

Advantages of LinkAja:

  • Support from various state-owned companies.
  • Used for payment transportation in general.
  • Attractive promos and cashback.

How to use Just link:

  • Download the application LinkAja.
  • Register your account and add its balance to LinkAja.
  • Choose LinkAja as a method of payment at the merchant or supported services.​

With choice, Indonesian people have existing digital wallets​​ There are a lot of options to choose the most suitable service for their needs. Go-Pay, OVO, Dana, and LinkAja are several examples of digital wallets that have proven popular. All services have unique advantages and features, so​ users Can choose by preference. With the ongoing development of technology, digital wallets will become inseparable in our daily lives.


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